Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ding-dong! The Traveling Vineyard Calling!

Lately, I have noticed on some of the public wine message boards that I haunt from time to time, there has been "drive by shootings" from new and eager consultants of the "Traveling Vineyard"

Who is this Traveling Vineyard? I did some research and discovered it is a home party much like Tupperware and Mary Kay cosmetics. You invite people to your house and the Traveling Vineyard "wine consultant" comes into your home. Okay, this is good. I am all about promoting wine sales and wine education. However - -

The "wine consultant" may not have a formal education in wine. Has this "wine consultant" ever been behind the scenes of a winery? Can the "wine consultant" distinguish the difference between TCA, brettanomyces, mercaptains and tell me the process of MLF? Chances are great that the majority of their wine education will be only what the Traveling Vineyard teaches their consultants. The good side is at least some knowledge is being given (mostly about the wines they sell, not about the industry as a whole), but limited. Hopefully, that bit of information from the Traveling Vineyard will inspire their "wine consultant" to thirst (ha! pun) for more wine knowledge.

Because it is going to be a home party, you will pay a little more for the wine than you would if it was sold at the supermarket or even a winery. The Traveling Vineyard company will have to make a profit when they purchase the wine (as they have people who travel all over the world...), then the "wine consultant" gets their cut. It is basically a three tiered program. Winery - Company - Consultant. It could be more if there is a Head Consultant who gathers eager and potential "wine consultants" so she or he can win that Merlot colored Cadillac. I am kidding about the Cadillac - - I think.

Hey, there is nothing wrong with people making a profit. I like profit, but it is doubtful that the consumer is going to get a good deal like they would from the close-out bin at the wine shop down the street. I mean - the Traveling Vineyard is a subsid of Geerlings and Wade. G & W is a multi-million dollar company and Huib E. Geerlings and Phillip D. Wade practically made it overnight!

The guests attending these parties will not have an opportunity to purchase most of these wines at a store front at a lower price because the "Traveling Vineyard" has contracted small wineries to put the Traveling Vineyard label on the wines.

As per the Traveling Vineyard website:

The company sources its wine from the world’s most renowned wineries in France, Italy, Australia, Chile and California, specializing in boutique vineyards that produce fewer than 4,000 cases of wine annually. 95% of Traveling Vineyard wines are unavailable at wine stores and are exclusively sold to Traveling Vineyard customers.

Exlusively doesn't always mean that it is better. It can also mean "controlled." This can be a disadvantage as the customer will be locked into the TV price and their inventory. Speaking for myself, part of the fun of collecting is reading about a wine you found on a bargain shelf or one you have been storing in your cellar and it now appears in magazines such as the Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast or the chance of winning awards. It will be highly doubtful that a magazine like the WS will give points to a wine that you can only buy through a party let alone will it ever be judged in a wine tasting.

One advantage I see is that the wine is guaranteed, so if you happen to get a bottle of "flawed" wine, and assuming that the "wine consultant" understands the flaw, you are guaranteed of getting 100% money back. Another advantage is the "wine consultant" will help the party attendee take the guess out of what wine to serve at certain dinners, etc. But that can be a disadvantage if the customer decides that they never want to buy another wine from any other place, only the Traveling Vineyard. Then sadly that Traveling Vineyard wine consumer will never have the experience of trying other wines outside of what the Traveling Vineyard decides to sell them. Also the Traveling Wine consumer may take on the facade of being a wine expert and if they are ever in a group of "real" collectors and wine afficianados, they will feel very out of place as their only knowledge will be what the Traveling Vineyards sells and tells them.

So speaking for myself, as a professional retailer, I think this is a great idea - congrats to the Traveling Vineyard. I would much rather go to a wine party where I can sample the goods, then to a party that wants to sell me plastic boxes to keep the freshness in - - but as a savvy wine consumer, I am cautious.

Update: January 1, 2010 - It has been almost five years since I first reviewed this concept/company. As you read below you can see I received some criticism, mostly from one of their consultants, Deb Nilan aka Anonymous. I would like to hear from Ms Nilan now to see how she is doing, because as of May 2010, Traveling Vineyard filed for bankruptcy. I understand that at this time they are trying to revive the company.

For your consideration:

I've always wondered: Who was taking care of the liquor resale licenses? Most states do not allow stores or individuals to sell alcohol in homes, as well as each individual "consultant" would have to fill out tedious paperwork including credit, financials, criminal and many states ask individuals to be bonded, as well as not crossing state lines. Several states also ask "resalers" to collect their taxes.

I think it is safe to say that the Traveling Vineyard's potential customers are the actual "consultants" and not the people buying the wine in the homes.


The Wine Lady said...

I encourage you to attend a TTV event. In almost all cases, I think you will be impressed by just how much the consultants know. The company provides great wine educational resources.

Also be aware, the consultants have nothing to do with your ability to return any bottle of wine with which you have a complaint. It is all handled over the phone (toll free) with the parent company. Those phone associates are some of the best customer service professionals you will come across anywhere. They are in Massachusetts and are very knowlegeable about wine and are happy to make you happy when it comes to getting your order right.
Yes, I am a TTV consultant and love the business.

Anonymous said...

I actually own a small winery and do have a great deal of knowledge about wine and I still signed up a a TTV consultant. I do not claim to be a world reknowned expert but I do know my wines and I am RWA to know more. And hey, why not make a few bucks along the way, and let others enjoy it too.

Anonymous said...

Diffrent Anonymous said:

I am not a consultant but I host parties for networking of my own. Nobodys being tied down, Do you like pizza hut or dominos? McDonalds or Burger King?


Catie said...

No. I do not like Pizza Hut, Dominos, Burger King and especially hate-hate-hate the Mac-Shac.

Helloooo - and yer point?

Anonymous said...

I'm Ed from Massachusetts.
A couple of years ago, a friend of mine was interested in The Traveling Vineyard, and I agreed to host the party. I know only a little about wine, and the wine consultant certainly knew more than any of us who attended. We had a great time.My friend later became a part-time consultant for TTV. I think I have been to three TTV events, as well as a few offered by PRP Wines. In all cases, I've found the wine to be of good quality, and enjoyed the party. Could I have saved a few bucks by simply going down to the corner liquor store? Probably. But, when I got there, how would I know what is a good wine? Hmmm. I could take up the merchant's time and ask him for a recommendation. Can I trust him? IS he getting a deal to push a certain wine? ,or I could toss darts at advertisements. It would work just as well. Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

Are you for real? How many average U.S. wine consumers actually know or care to know what TCA's, brettanomyces, mercaptains or MLF's are? The Traveling Vineyard is simply a way for everyday people to teach everyday people about the simplicity of wine. I should know, I am a proud TTV wine consultant. I am by no means a wine expert nor do I pretend to be, I am a wine lover. I knew nothing of wine before I started consulting 3 years ago and can now say I came a long way thanks to TTV and the people who attend my tastings. I try to take the snobbery out of wine by not using big intimidating words. I try to make wine easy to understand. Why? Because it is. You don't need a doctorate to understand, appreciate or learn about wine. If you want to learn all the ins and outs about wine, then I suggest taking a wine course. However, if you simply want to enjoy and understand wine in a casual unintimidating atmosphere, then I suggest booking a Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting. Oh and for the record, most of our wines are 30% - 50% off of retail prices and 90% of our wines are under $15. We also teach that good wine does not have to be expensive to be great. I hope that clarifies who we are and what we are all about.

Catie said...

Am I for real? Of course I am for real, however it appears that you may not be for real since your name is "Anonymous."

You asked how many average U.S. wine consumers actually know or care to know what TCA's, brettanomyces, mercaptains or MLF's are? Why do you want to limit their knowledge?

Why do you want to put your customers in the "average" column? I never said that one needs a doctorate to love and appreciate wine. The words that you speak of can be ordinary wine-speak and part of your wine vocab if you allow it and not be so intimidated. I would think as a purveyor of fine wine, such as yourself, you would want to teach your customers some wine lingo here and there. Descriptions like "TCA, brettanomyces, mercaptains or MLF" can be part of every day wine-speak. Why are you wanting to suppress that knowledge? Because it intimidates you?

So the next time one of your wine customers come to you and ask about a particular Chardonnay and why does it have a buttery taste compared to a Chard that may be more fruit driven and oaked. Will you answer, "I don't know." Will you answer, "duh...'cause the vineyard owner rubbed butter on the grapes?" Or will you explain to your customer about MLF - malolactic fermentation?

Now - you cannot tell me that none of your wines ever have a problem with TCA (aka cork taint) or maybe your customers do not know what to look for when it comes to cork taint. If not, they should. It can happen to the best that are bottled with a natural cork. How will you explain TCA (cork taint) to a customer who can tell that the wine is faulty? Will you brush them off because they are just "average?"

Perhaps you need to get over that these descriptions have nothing to do with "snobbery" or "intimidation." These are pretty basic terms in wine lingo.

You made the comment: "If you want to learn all the ins and outs about wine, then I suggest taking a wine course. However, if you simply want to enjoy and understand wine in a casual unintimidating atmosphere, then I suggest booking a Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting."

I would suggest that if you want to simply enjoy and understand wine in a casual unintimidating atmosphere to take a community wine course, because perhaps Traveling Vineyard Wine Tastings sales people do not want their customers to understand any wine terms. And -- what do your customers actually get to understand, in these casual and unintimidating atmospheres?

It concerns me that your emphasis has been strictly about "average." I have been in wine sales for almost eight years and I would never consider my customers as "average." There is always potential even in a newbie-wine drinker and the best thing for me about wine sales is when you have a customer who wants to know about various wine terms such as TCA, MLF or question the symptoms of these terms. I love watching the look in their face when they have learned something new about wine and can take that information and share it with others. What you need to get past is that even a wine-newbie is not "average." Why limit and suppress your customers in this so-called "average" category that you seem to promote?

Remember - there is more to wine sales than just hawking 30-50% off on a bottle of wine for the "average" wine consumer. It is the whole experience from the grapes in the vineyard to the last drop in the glass. And if you have further comments, I would suggest that perhaps you come out of your anonymity and send me an email. I would enjoy continuing this discussion.

Anonymous said...

Ok everyone has the right to thier opinion... but at the same time dont you think you are unfair when you bash someone for sharing thiers.

First off... Traveling Vineyard Consultants are not sales people... we marketed the wine.. meaning we share the wine .. yes we make a profit... would you go to someones house and spend you time sharing for nothing.. I think not..

Traveling Vineyard consultants in no way claim to be experts... and I can personally say I have take courses and read to make myself more informed because I wanted too. But I would like you to find anywhere that it says our consultants are formally trained and expects... you wont because we dont claim to be... we are simply consultants that share our companies wines... and show you the steps to wine tasting and pairing with foods... in a relaxing time. Ya you could go to your local store and get a cheap wine for a few dollars... but does that mean its better.. can you go to your local store and "TRY BEFORE YOU BUY". I think not.

There is also the saying that comes to mind... "Dont knock it before you try it"... if you have never been to an event personally how can you say you know what the consultants know and dont know... Maybe before you knock a company you should check into it a little more and experience it for yourself..

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how people can post things on the net knocking on thing or another with no really knowledge of it... but when people commet on your remarks with facts you get defensive... maybe you need to think about what you are saying before you post something public.

Catie said...

Dear Anonymous,

I can see that I have ruffled your feathers, but if you really believed in your product you would ignore me and try to prove me wrong by being the best sales -- oops, I mean the best wine consultant you can be.

To answer your questions:

You wrote:
>Ok everyone has the right to >thier(sic) opinion... but at the same >time dont you think you are >unfair when you bash someone for >sharing thiers(sic).

Okay - so let me get this straight. You can bash me anonymously about my original opinion, but I cannot "bash" you. Interesting double standard you have there. I prefer not to look at this as a bash, but more of a debate. Do you know what a debate is? An exchange of two opinions.

You wrote:
>Traveling Vineyard Consultants >are not sales people... we >marketed the wine.. meaning we share the wine .. yes we make a profit... would you go to someones house and spend you time sharing for nothing.

Ha-ha-ha! You are funny. Consultant is just a fancy word for sales person. When you make a profit you are a sales person. Read what the term marketing means according to the
American Heritage Dictionary
"The act or process of buying and selling in a market."

You wrote:
>would you go to someones house >and spend you time sharing for >nothing.. I think not..

Of course I would and I do because the dollar isn't my motivator. Education is.

You wrote:
>But I would like you to find >anywhere that it says our >consultants are formally trained and expects... you wont because we dont claim to be

I never said that you are formally trained. In fact, I said chances are that you are not formally trained. In fact, I believe you should know something about wine even if you read the book "Wine for Dummies."

You wote:
>Ya you could go to your local >store and get a cheap wine for a >few dollars... but does that mean >its better.. can you go to your >local store and "TRY BEFORE YOU >BUY". I think not.

Ummm - you sure "think not" alot. Not sure where you are from, but in California, Oregon and Washington you can TRY BEFORE YOU BUY at one of over 2,000 wineries. And if there is a wine shop in town, most wine shops will present various wines free for tasting. Since there is now in the US a winery in every state, most tastings are free. It's out there if you look.

And last but not least for snorts and giggles - -

You wrote:
>It amazes me how people can post >things on the net knocking on >thing or another with no really >knowledge of it... but when >people commet on your remarks >with facts you get defensive... >maybe you need to think about >what you are saying before you >post something public.

Where do you live? Iran? Have you heard that if you live in the United States of America we have a luxury of expressing our personal opinions? I have expressed mine and you have expressed yours. Again - an exchange of opinions = debate. Ummm...any stranger reading this exchangewill obviously read who is the real one with a chip on their shoulder and full of defense. You approached me with your defense. If you will calm down long enough and remove your blinders you will see that I gave some good info about the Traveling Vineyard. Such as:

You invite people to your house and the Traveling Vineyard "wine consultant" comes into your home. Okay, this is good. I am all about promoting wine sales and wine education

The good side is at least some knowledge is being given... Hopefully, that bit of information from the Traveling Vineyard will inspire their "wine consultant" to thirst for more wine knowledge...

One advantage I see is that the wine is guaranteed, so if you happen to get a bottle of "flawed" are guaranteed of getting 100% money back. Another advantage is the "wine consultant" will help the party attendee take the guess out of what wine to serve at certain dinners, etc.\

So speaking for myself, as a professional retailer, I think this is a great idea - congrats to the Traveling Vineyard.

Oh and one more thing. This is my blog, therefore I am allowed to say whatever what I want. Further more, I also have the right to decide if I want those comments to be edited and censored before they appear. I also have the right to decide if anonymous drive-by shooters like yourself are allowed just to be anonymous. I have the choice to require name and email before comments to get posted. Therefore, I think I am pretty open to allowing others to give there opinions. So your comment about me being defensive doesn't cut it. If I was defensive, your comments wouldn't even appear. And if I wanted to be defensive, I would not allow you to come onto my blog and give anonymous comments.

PS: For you readers out there from Traveling Vineyard I will tell you what prompted me to write the blog about the company from the very beginning. At the time I belonged to various public wine message boards and before we knew it, we were spammed with advertising (to what I referred to as "drive by shootings" from new and eager Traveling Vineyard sales...I mean consultants. Once you enter a wine message board, derail the topic at hand, advertise and only posting your TV website - - you are spam.
And you are no different if your name is Daddy Joop from Zimbawgaloo looking for someone to share your wealth with or Miss Naomi who wants to sell you sex cream, you are still spam.

Perhaps in your sales... I mean consultant policy book, they should suggest that their sales... I mean consultants avoid spamming wine message boards.


Anonymous said...

You are a very nasty individual who I guarantee would not succeed as a Traveling Vineyard consultant because of your better than thou attitude.

I agree with the other posters, it is very easy to harp on The Traveling Vineyard and their consultants. What arrogance you have for you to assume to know what our customers needs are more than we do. Our customers don't come to us asking what MLF's, TCA's or any of those other terms are. They come to have a great time, enjoy great wine and learn the basics. I suppose in your arrogant mind they probably aren't capable of enjoying a glass of wine if they didn't care to know all of the intricacies of wine. I am not limiting their knowledge, I am making an event fun, educational and entertaining. If they do ask detailed questions, I will answer them, if I don't know the answers I will look them up and get back to them. That is how I learn and that is how they learn. Before you harp on us or degrade us, I dare you to take the challenge and do what we do. We are 2000 consultants strong and growing. And before you tell me, I don't know what I am talking about, I want to let you know that I have been in the top 1% of the company since I have joined over 3 years ago, so I must be doing something right.

Catie said...

Do I have some news for you.

First of all: This is my website and I control who gets to comment and who does not. You have come onto my website and trashed me for the last time and it is very obvious that you are the same "anonymous" with a grudge. You have not even bothered to read or acknowledged the positive things I have said about The Traveling Vineyard. You have ruined it for others in the future to comment anonymously. At this point, if you come back to post a comment, you better be prepared to stand by your words with your real name.

Second: I am sending this link with these comments to the Traveling Vineyard Co. It is doubtful that Traveling Vineyard corporation would approve of anonymous spamming comments in their name. You are making them look bad far more than what I have. And if you joined three years ago and you are really in the top 1% (rather doubtful), then Traveling Vineyard should be able to figure out who you are.

You haven't made much an impression on yourself and because of you I cannot imagine why anyone would want to buy a thing from Traveling Vineyard and all because of you.

Catie said...

Oh and one more thing? I bet the TV would be interested to know that the person spamming anonymous and rude comments to me is in the
Hopkinton,Massachusetts area and their IPS is

Deb said...

This may be your website, but you are publicly bashing who I represent, my fellow wine consultants and our customers and I resent it. I have every right to defend what I believe in as you do yours. But another thing I resent is that you call it a "debate" but the minute we "debate" with you, you threaten to contact our company, post where I live and the extension to my email address. If that is the way you "debate", I want no part of it. But I will not let you degrade what we do and what we stand for and spread false information about us in a public forum. By the way, I will save you the trouble of looking up the information. My name is Debbie Nilan,I am a proud TTV wine consultant and our company phone # is 866-547-9463. You may also want to verify my ranking as far as sales goes, although you are "very doubtful", you will find that at least I am "truthful" in the information that I post here. I resent also that you have to threaten us with this sort of harassment, but so be it. You may want to stick to private forums if you can't take being proven wrong.

Catie said...

I can see that I am dealing with someone who cannot distinguish the difference between hostility and an actual debate.

First of all, you have also failed to acknowledge the positive things I have said about your company. Instead you just seem to want to spread your anger.

Maybe you really do not understand the word, "debate." When you called me a name: "nasty individual" you lost the debate. Also, that is where you lost your professionalism and have put the Traveling Vineyard in jeopardy.

I stand by everything I have said about TV. And what you do not seem to understand, everything you have made a comment on has not proven to me that I am "wrong." It is my opinion and I have a right to my opinion, especially when the people who are trying to prove me wrong are signed in as "anonymous."

And as far as "threaten and harassed" You have been the one coming into "my site." I have not gone to you. You are the one who is harassing.

You wrote:
You may want to stick to private forums if you can't take being proven wrong.

Perhaps you need to stick with your Traveling Vineyard group and not wonder into the world of wine blogs who do not sell TV wine.

And one more thing - you wrote:
If that is the way you "debate", I want no part of it.

Good! Now be a good Traveling Vineyard Sales...I mean Consultant and keep your word all in the name of Traveling Vineyard.

Kristin said...

I'm attending a Traveling Vineyard show this evening and thought I'd do a little research. Here's another article I thought both the blogger, commenters, and other readers might find informative as well:

Valerie said...

Wow! I was actually starting to consider looking at which of the big three wine consulting companies I could be a consultant for but the responses of "anonymous"(who is quick to judge and respond, but nor forthright with who he or she is) It may be the internet, but nothing is truly anonymous) and others on this site have definitely turned me off. If you want to work for the Mickey D version of in home wines, then stand tall and keep selling, don;t let someone's right to ask questions and engage in a discussion get you all in a frenzy.

Catie said...

Hi Valerie,

Thanks for posting. No matter what, Anonymous aka Deb would not acknowledge the positive items and the good well wishes I gave to the TV in the original post back in 2005. And it was quite apparent she only wanted to read what she wanted to read into it. Perhaps the reason(s):

1)It was a combination of other's hammering her about TV and she decided to puke it up on me because I was the only one who would give her a public forum, or;

2)She had been drinking too much of her own product. ;-)


Tracy said...

This debate was very amusing! I laughed all the way till the end. So what did the wine people do? Did they get the link? What is the next "debate" in all of this drama??

Catie said...

Nothing at this time, but I will definitely report back when I hear something. Stay tuned boys and girls to our new soap, "How The Traveling Vineyard Consultant Turns and the Drunk and Restless."

Kathleen said...

I think you're both acting quite immature. You both remind me of my two children (ages 12 & 15) where no one wants to be the first to give. Even through all the crazy posts flying back and forth I still think TTV is not a bad idea where people can get together in a comfortable atmosphere and not feel intimidated because they don't know squat about wine. If either one of you want to contact me and "gripe", about my comments go right ahead...

Catie said...


If you will stop and read, you will see that I did commend the TTV for a great idea. And as far as you trying to be the mom and "admonish" me, it appears to me that you could also be accused of acting quite immature to engage in this conversation and particularly to leave your email for further "immaturity." Why would you want to waste your energy in such "immaturity?"

This is my blog and the beauty of this is I can express myself without editing. If you are so much more mature than I am - - be gone with you! Oh - - and by the way...

Cheers to you O' Mature One!

Kathleen said...

Totally amazing Catie. Enjoy your wine, your blog & your life.

Cheers to You

Catie said...

Thank you Kathleen. I will and I am.

(how did you expect me to respond to your original post? all apologetic to you or something? and if so, why?)

litlmer777 said...

I recently attended a Travelying Vineyard event and the consultant we had did not know much about wine at all!! And no, this was not the consultant's first event. The wines were okay but I expected to get some great wine insight. I knew more about wine from just watching some cooking shows on public television. Not impressed with this new trend. The wines were just like all the wines at the store.

Kaci Feldman said...

Wow...I read this blog because I am actually considering becoming a TTV 'consultant'. :) I thought I would research this venture further through blogs and any reviews I can find. This blog took sort of a negative turn, but
Catie, I look forward to your productive insight into wine and how someone might be able to get into the business.

For example, with a local distributor or what would you recommend?


Catie said...

Hi Kaci, Actually I had written some positive things about the TV, but I was never acknowledged for saying the good stuff - only the bad stuff. ;-) I would be happy to discuss ideas and options with you, so please feel free to email me at and tell me what you have in mind and what state you live in. Just the rules of the individual states can often dictate what kind of wine biz to get into. Cheers, C~

rstimes4 said...

I am a fairly new TTV consultant. I DID notice the positive things you were saying about our company, and I DO appreciate them. Am I a worldly wine expert? No. I am learning quickly, our company does offer many avenues of learning more and more about wines. What our company does bring to the consumer is a chance to try wines they may not otherwise try. I have learned a new appreciation for wines I never would have considered, and how they pair with foods. I try to bring this perspective to my customers. I've had a couple of tastings where I've been fortunate enough to have customers with more wine education than me. I try to bring them into the tasting, and learn from them myself as well as allowing others to learn from them. There will always be people with more knowledge than myself; that is a basic rule of life.

For those looking for a relaxing evening with friends and maybe a new perspective, TTV can be a very fun experience.

Thank you for sharing our company with your readers, and for those considering our company, don't let one person's negative bantering deter you from a fun, rewarding experience. Our wines are a good quality for a good value. Yes, you can buy equivalent wines in a store, but you can buy Tupperware in the mall too. It depends on the experience you are looking for :)

Catie said...

Thank you rstimes4 for your very thoughtful comment. Best wishes to you in your new wine biz.

Ren said...

whew!!!! that was an eyeful!!! Catie, thank you for doing the research you did for this post. I'm considering TTV because I need very flexible hours-- so I googled "reviews" and your blog came up. It was truly helpful. I appreciated what you had to say, both the good and the bad. That was exactly what I was looking for. I've taken a few university extension courses on the business of wine and undeniably wine-making is my avocation, so I won't be either an expert or a novice. But I am not prepared to play on the same team as some of the TTV respondents. That was just ugly. As I investigate this further, that's certainly one of aspects of the business I'll be looking at closely.

April Springstead said...

I was recently considering becoming a consultant for tty so I started doing a little more research and that's how I came across your blog. I've sole other in home items as well and have learned the hard way what all their loopholes are. Im not to sure I would want to be assoictaed with a company who could so easily take a debate into a playground fight. I can at least say the other companies I've sold for would never allow that. One thing I do need to comment on is though if you already sell tty and doing very well with the company why would you be googling what others think of your company? Anyway my main purpose of posting is I would like more information on if its possible to go to local winery and sell their wine and learn everything there is to be associated with wine. Thank you!

go getter said...

Wow, Catie, you're quite a character. People have to learn, I suppose you were born with all your wine knowledge. And very sarcastic, hoe many times did you write "sales........I mean consultant?" That is really being sarcastic, but I know, it's your Blog! And look how sarcastic your reply was to Kathleen "cheers to you O'Mature one!" Anyway the whole thing was very interesting to read and you did say some good things about the other company, but gosh, can't everyone just live and let live.

go getter said...

wow, Catie, you did have some good remarks to anonymous but basically you sounded very sarcastic. How many times did you say "sales...I mean consultant?" very sarcastic. You were even sarcastic to Kathleen when you said "cheers to you O'mature one." Yeah, I know, it's your BLOG!

go getter said...

Catie, you did have some good comments to anonymous but all in all you were very sarcastic. How many times did you say "sales...I mean consultant?" very sarcastic. You were even sarcastic when you said to Kathleen, "cheers to you o'mature one" Yeah I know it's your BLOG! An interesting read, great entertainment!!

Catie said...

Dear go getter,
Unless your birth certificate/passport/driver's license states your first name is "go" and your last name is "getter," I don't put much value in comments that hide behind the cloak of anonymity. Further more, you should reconsider your comment of "live and let live," and practice what you preach, as this particular blog was written almost 10 years ago. Then what was so amusing is that not only did you comment once - but three times. How's that for my doling out the sarcasm? BAZINGA!

Michele Polney said...

Dear Catie, I understand this post is very old but I think it is hurting some really great people out there that are trying to fight the recession by starting their own little business. I myself joined TTV over a year ago and I'm trying to grow a team. A potential recruit recently led me to your blog and I had to defend why TTV was a good choice for her. Meaning her flexibility, fun, friendships to be earned and financial reward. She became scared by this article and did not join under me. That saddens me because although you made some great comments the bad seemed to outweigh the good and scared her away from me. I am not here to argue any of your points, I am solely here so others may see my reply and hopefully not be scared by a blogger who clearly never even attended a TTV in home tasting or by a respondent to the blog that clearly did not think before she spoke. I love this company, the owner is a caring loving person who even bottled a wine for a consultant who lost her life to breast cancer so we could collect money for LBBC. We do not have kits to fill like all other DS companies, you make one investment and that is it. This company has been the answer to stay at home moms like myself, people needing extra income, people needing to just get out of the house! In the year and a half that I've been doing this I have never had a complaint about the wines being poor quality, I have tons of re-sells and people that host more than one event. I've had big wine enthusiasts and people just getting into wine and they all love it. You choose when you want to work, you choose when you want a raise, you have no minimums, it's your choice how many tastings you conduct. I did not know much about wine when I started, I was educated from TTV and from what I chose to learn on my own to expand my own knowledge. I still do not claim to be a wine expert but Pampered Chef Consultants are not formally trained chefs and it isn't necessary. No one has ever challenged me at a tasting, we are not about big education, we are about creating a fun night out with friends (men welcome) tasting some wine that is available for purchase afterwards. It's something different and people love the concept. We don't claim that you will never buy wine elsewhere, when I run out at home I go to the local wine shop and buy more so why wouldn't my customers. What makes me feel good, when I visit a local shop and they have no more knowledge than me - actually most times they have less. We have tons of wineries where I live and yes, I visit them too because I believe in buying from local business'. The wineries charge me to taste, we do not. Please do not let some online banter discourage you from something that may be exactly what could help your family. If you are looking for a DS company this is the best answer (my opinion) because A: It's for men and woman (both drink wine) and B: It's a one time investment, no kit to ever refill! My name is Michele, I'm only saying that because I do not see a spot to put it in but maybe that comes on the next page. Cheers!

Catie said...


Many thanks for checking in and especially for not being anonymous.

What I find fascinating is that the majority of these posts have not once recognized the good things I had to say about TTV: 1.)wine is guaranteed, 2.)the "wine consultant" will help the party attendee take the guess out of what wine to serve at certain dinners, etc. 3.)I think this is a great idea - congrats to the Traveling Vineyard.

It is true that I wrote this over 10 years ago - - and to those who criticized me for speaking my opinion on my own page - my own format; who knew I could get so many people riled up? Thanks to those for giving me so much power. And speaking of power, I also have the power to decide what comments I wanted published or scrapped. I gave them all a chance to be published, even ol' Deb Nilan up there who couldn't control herself.

Michele, you said,"I understand this post is very old but I think it is hurting some really great people out there that are trying to fight the recession by starting their own little business." ...

Michele, you couldn't be more wrong as can be. If you truly think that my words can hurt someone, then once again you (or those you are referring to) have just handed the power to me. If they are positive,truly believe in themselves, if they believe in the potential of TTV, then no matter what I say or what others say, they will be the ones who will be successful in TTV. Can't make me the fall guy if someone doesn't take opportunities when opportunities are handed over.

In the mean time, thanks again for checking in and best wishes in TTV. It sounds as if you are doing very well.


PS - May I make a recommendation? When it comes to wine education, the best thing to do with it? Learn it and share it. Nobody says one has to be a total wine geek or even physically make the stuff, but just a little bit of wine education will get you far. Besides, it's a lot of fun discovering new things - - and even helps with sales.

Cindy Miller said...

Their wine is TERRIBLE and overpriced!

Ruthie Bowles said...

Hi Catie,

Wow great "debate" in those comments by the way. I considered TTV and WSAH, but decided not to go that way because of OTHER reviews I read online, lol.
I was wondering if you knew anything about the direct selling opportunity offered by Boisset? From the research I have done, even though they are more expensive, you get better quality. I am interested in hearing your take on it, if you have the time to share it.

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