Friday, August 17, 2007

Wine Buyer's Poll

Do you purchase wines online? If not, have you considered purchasing wines online and if so, what is important to you? Please answer the poll. If you have any other comments about the whole online wine buying experience, please feel free to use the comment section.

Thanks for your time!


Anonymous said...

My biggest issue with buying wine online are all the state regulations and the cost of shipping. Ugh!

Joel said...

What does it matter if the site you're buying from is an expert or not (other than demonstrating knowledge of storage)?

You likely got the recommendation for the wine from a trusted source, tracked down the bottle from "" or something, and want them to ship it to you. That chain doesn't require the "shipper" (which is what the online retail shop basically is) be an expert.

Now, if you're buying some super high-end wines then it helps to insure the proper handling (see Vinfolio - if I were going to buy a crazy high-end wine then I'd consider their extra-mile approach). So unless the retail site is also the source of the recommendation then why would one care really?

I guess what I'm saying is that the online purchase is very different from offline retail. You generally find recommendations and then seek out the wine. You want reputable places so that the storage is OK...maybe I'm missing the point...

el jefe said...

what Joel said - I like finding an expert, but mostly I want a box of what I am looking for to show up... now that said, I may be looking for an interesting Grenache, and well written notes about the wine will help me make my decision. And if an online vendor was paying enough attention to my buying habits to offer one on one suggestions, I might very well bite.