Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sommelier Starts A Winery

This video is not only funny, but as brilliant as his wines. Greg Harrington, MS of Gramercy Cellars tells the story, with the help of robots, on how it all began. Next stop: Walla Walla.


Silenus said...

Very funny. Wait, I have 5000 dollars, maybe I could start a winery in Walla Walla. Hmm, but I am not a Sommelier. It's always something.

Kevin and Fely said...

Funny, yet true. Thanks for reposting.

denise said...

Catie - as I posted earlier - this video sent me cracking up - and as a wine maker who moved to Walla Walla to make wine - I gotta say - he really nailed it! Thanks for sharing this here!