Monday, May 24, 2010

Schlameel, Schlamazel: Bottling Day at Mannina Cellars

If you are a wine lover, chances are you have fantasized about owning a winery. Picture this: you are perched high above in your chateau, stroking your cat with your extended manicured pinkie finger, looking down from your burgus across the moat and gazing upon your many hectares of estate vineyards and your winery minions scurrying about. Minions? You know your sister's unemployed kid who hasn't left the couch since he graduated college in 1998, but claims he is holding out for a management position ...

SLAP! Snap out of it! Owning a winery is hard work unless you really do own a burgus high above your chateau overlooking a moat and hectares of estate vineyards. Owning a winery can be considered blue collar work! It's agriculture! It is wet! It can be repetitious! But if you have patience, true passion and not afraid to stain your extended pinkie finger the color purple, then owning a winery is for you. Here's an example of a normal work day at Mannina Cellars - - bottling day! I mean, what did you think, that little fairies magically put wine in the bottles while you were sleeping?

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