The Most Popular Kinds of Wine in the World

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Man drinks beer, but the gods prefer wine. There’s more to wine than taste and texture; a lot goes into making wine. From terroir, how its grown, the condition of the vineyard, what the winemaker does with it, how long it has been in the bottle, how the bottle has been stored and so on. There are thousands of grape varietals from around the world. However, only a few hundreds of them are used in wine making. In this article will discover the top wine grape varietals worldwide according to research done by the University of Adelaide in South Australia. So buckle up and keep reading about the most favored kinds of wine in the known universe!

Cabernet Sauvignon (France)

This wine or grape varietal is grown virtually everywhere in the world. It has a woodsy cedar dark fruity smell; it also tastes fruity spicy and tannic which gives a cotton mouth feeling. To avoid the aforementioned state of mouth, let the wine air for a few more moments before drinking. It ages better though.

Merlot (Also France!)

Sometimes compared to Pinot Noir. This wine is softer and easier to drink because it is low in tannin. Although it is an excellent wine, it is somewhat underrated. The cheapest but good quality Merlots comes from South America, from Argentina and Chile. It has the aroma of grapes unlike many other wines; it also smells like blueberries and blackberries. Better served with lamb meat.

Airen (Spain)

A spectacular wine with a unique flavor. It has a creamy sensation on the nose, and the oak smell does not influence its white fruits aroma. The taste is arid and young, it also has a grapefruit zest and a snappy hazelnut flavor after the finish. It has a bright white color. Suitable for white meat.

Tempranillo (Spain)

Spanish in origin Bacchus himself would recommend this wine. It goes along just fine with all kinds of food. In the New World, the most popular flavors are cherry and tomato sauce. It has a similar body to Cabernet Sauvignon and also belongs to the same taste category. As for the Old World, Tempranillo is most famous in the Rioja district in Spain.

Chardonnay (France)

You will find Chardonnay everywhere from Rohde Islands to China, to South Africa. Taste varies significantly according to the climate. In a warm climate, it would taste more like tropical fruit flavors such as pineapple, mango, and guava. In a cold climate, it has a tart acidic flavors such as green apple, lemon and lime. Oak also strongly influence the flavor. Rich in texture.

Syrah (aka Shiraz) (France)

Syrah just recently joined the top list of most popular wines in the world. Syrah is similar to Cabernet Sauvignon in thick skin and density but not in the tannic structure, making it more of “drink me now” style of wine. This wine has a blackberry and black pepper quality that makes it very appealing and friendly and delivers a heck of a flavor per square inch when you serve it as a sauce on the side.

The research also mentioned Garnacha Tinta, Sauvignon Blanc, Trebbiano Toscano, and Pinot Noir as most popular wines in the world.

So there you have it, the most popular wines in the world. Now go enjoy a drink and have fun. We hope you know what to choose!